Titre du projet  Nom du porteur de projet
 Colobert Françoise
Alternative mechanisms in skin allergy processes: contribution of radical reactions from the molecule to the tissue
 Lepoittevin Jean-Pierre
Multivalent siRNA derivatives constructed on a Pillar[5]arene scaffold: synthesis, characterization and biological applications
 Remy Jean-Serge
Bioorthogonal chemistry approaches for the identification and mapping of active metabolites of vitamin A
 Wagner Alain



Titre du projet  Nom du porteur de projet
All scientific project based on production of chiral molecules
 Colobert Françoise
Getting thermodynamic and mechanistic insights in the formation of supramolecular complexes, polymers, and self-assemblies
 Giuseppone Nicolas


Titre du projet  Nom du porteur de projet
Self-assembling molecular cages containing biradicals for increased efficiency of DNP/solid-state NMR for membrane proteins
 Bechinger Burkhard
Controlled covalent functionalisation of graphene oxide: towards the development of a novel platform for assembly and conjugation of biomolecules
 Bianco Alberto
Quantum control spectroscopy of molecular photomechanical transducers
Haacke Stefan
Switchable catalysis based on 3D architectures
Heitz Valérie
Development of an infrared and electrochemical approach on the basis of extraordinary transmission for the study of the reaction mechanism of membrane proteins
Hellwig Petra
Controlling supramolecular assembly by “tunable anti-cooperativity”
Hermans Thomas
Covalent-­Metal-­Organic Frameworks (CMOFs) – 2014
 Hosseini Wais
Structural and magnetic modulation of polymetallic nano-architectures
 Lehn Jean-Marie
Spin transport in organometallic wires (SPINWIRE)
Limot Laurent
High-speed Synthesis of Chain-encoded Dynamic Polymers
Lutz Jean-François
Discerning the Roles of CO and Metal Carbonyl Complexes in Primordial Metabolism
Moran Joseph
Pillar[5]arene molecular scaffolding for the self-assembly of electroactive subunits for materials science applications
Nierengarten Jean-François
Electronic Transport through Spin Versatile Molecules : A Multi-Scale Approach
Robert Vincent
Synthetic polyamines promote self-organisation of actin network
Riveline Daniel
Metal Nanoparticles/POMs/Porphyrins hybrid photocatalysts for the reduction of nitrates
Ruhlmann Laurent
GRaphene-based nAnocomposites via DynamIc covalENT chemistry for energy storage (GRADIENT)
Samori Paolo
Combinatorial chemical synthesis of conformationally constrained analogs of intrinsically disordered proteins to dissect complex protein-protein interaction networks and to develop novel drug discovery strategies
 Torbeev Vladimir


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