I want to support young researchers

Former doctoral or post-doctoral researchers in Strasbourg laboratories, you have contributed to Strasbourg’s excellent reputation for chemistry!

You may no longer be in Strasbourg, but we would like to give you the chance to maintain your connection to the best Strasbourg laboratories that you know so well. Every year, close to 100 new PhD students from the world over choose to study chemistry in Strasbourg so they can be as close as possible to such personalities as the Nobel Prize winners Jean-Marie Lehn, Martin Karplus and Jean-Pierre Sauvage.

The foundation would like to give you the chance to contribute in your own way to the development of your former university. The foundation has created a special fund for doctoral and post-doctoral chemistry researchers which will mean brilliant students from all over the world can undertake cutting edge research in Strasbourg’s best laboratories and find answers to the major challenges facing society today. Thanks to you, new students will have the chance to complete their theses in Strasbourg, in a highly stimulating, intellectual environment.


« I completed my thesis under a joint-tutelage scheme with the University of Trieste in Alberto Bianco’s laboratory at the IBMC, where I developed new carbon-based nanomaterials for biomedical use. This international experience was very fulfilling and I met a lot of great people, both professionally and personally. It helped me become more independent, develop my project management skills and maintain a critical mindset. All these qualities help me succeed in my current role of Business Development Manager at WeylChem International in Germany. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished since my time in Strasbourg and I’m very happy to now be supporting other young researchers, perpetuating the University’s ethos and openminded spirit! ». Cédric Klumpp, Donor

Give a young researcher the chance to have an experience like yours!

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