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Fondation pour la Recherche en Chimie
Foundation for Frontier Research in Chemistry

The foundation is a body governed by private law created by the French government in 2007 to support the Strasbourg cluster of excellence in chemistry, which is internationally renowned.

We aim to develop, promote, and energise this research cluster and encourage greater interaction with the socio-economic world to rise to the biggest challenges facing our society.

Chemistry affects our day-to-day lives in often unforeseen ways. Chemistry and its innovations underpin every major aspect of human activity, both present and future: better living conditions, more sustainable ways of manufacturing and consuming, and alternative ways of communicating and travelling using renewable energy and next-generation recyclable materials.

Research Areas

Research that reflects the major challenges of tomorrow and economic areas of growth.

Environment and renewable energy

Future materials

A word from our Chairman

"Our foundation drives progress in a bid to tackle the scientific, industrial and societal challenges of the 21st century. After 12 years of successful, committed work helping businesses and researchers, the foundation is open to anyone who wants to work with us on innovative and progressive projects."
Former Chairman of the Académie des Sciences

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