Let’s recruit the best in their fields

Every year, brilliant researchers are recruited internationally for the quality of their research and their academic records to form a laboratory at the University of Strasbourg, thereby reinforcing the diversity of skills on offer on campus. We choose from the very best from around the world for the originality of their research and their promising results.

For example, the ISIS institute welcomes teams of both Nobel Prize winners and brilliant young researchers, and they are given an entirely free rein! Created by Jean-Marie Lehn in 2002, this template – which was revolutionary at the time – has more than proved itself and today, investments of several tens of millions of euros are made to help it stay at the cutting edge of research and innovation – for example, in autumn 2018 ISIS will get an extension. The additional 3,000m² will provide our young researchers with an exceptional work space of a top international standard and will give them access to other centres of excellence such as molecular biology, stimulating multidisciplinary work of the highest order.

Help a young researcher become one of the best in their field worldwide!


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