Fund a thesis in a burgeoning subject area

Every year, close to 100 new PhD students from the world over choose to study chemistry and related fields in Strasbourg so they can be as close as possible to such personalities as the Nobel Prize winners Jean-Marie Lehn, Martin Karplus and Jean-Pierre Sauvage.

To support advanced research, the foundation has created a special fund for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to enable brilliant students from around the world to undertake new cutting edge research in Strasbourg’s best laboratories and to find answers to the major issues facing society today.
With the Ernest Solvay Fund for Chemistry in Strasbourg, we have delved into exploratory areas, projects with a strong potential for innovation over the long term, and attracted brilliant young researchers to our laboratories. I’m very proud of the partnership between Solvay and the University of Strasbourg research teams, made possible by the Fund to develop the science and future applications of chemistry.
Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman, Solvay



To attract such young, brilliant researchers from the best universities and make a long-lasting impact on research in an international, competitive environment, we need you for the big projects of the future!

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