A successful inaugural campaign

In 2010 we launched a huge joint fund-raising campaign with the University of Strasbourg Foundation for a top-level project: creating, combining, building and advancing knowledge. It ended up exceeding its initial objective, raising a total of €22.5 million. It is the largest amount ever raised by a public university in France and the record remains unchallenged to this day.


Over 1,000 donors gave generously, and we would like to thank them wholeheartedly! t !

Your donations in the name of chemistry have helped:


  • create a dedicated supramolecular chemistry chair headed by Luisa De Cola, which has led to numerous advances for cancer sufferers
  • support over 100 PhD students pursue research projects in innovative subject areas
  • a group of 30 young researchers to create a laboratory for developing their ground-breaking ideas
  • à support more than 35 talented students who needed financial help at an important stage in their lives through study grants