Projets soutenus en 2016


Titre du projet Nom du porteur de projet
Total synthesis of momilactones A and B (MOMI-SynTot) Colobert Françoise
Towards the structural basis of multivalent effects in glycosidase inhibition Compain Philippe
Tunable metal-organic interfaces for spin electronics (TUNE-IT) Doudin Bernard
Hijacking iron-uptake pathway to investigate spatio-temporal membrane organization in live Gram negative bacteria Mely Yves
Self-assembly of spin crossover (SCO) complexes on graphene: Towards functional magneto-electric hybrids for molecular spintronic applications Ruben Mario


Titre du projet Nom du porteur de projet
Cost-Effective Equipment Protection Colobert Françoise

Labex CSC

Titre du projet Nom du porteur de projet
Predicting molecular self-assembly at the liquid-solid interface
Cecchini Marco
Strongly coupled systems for site selective chemistry
Ebbesen Thomas
Complexes of metals and amyloidogenic peptides: self-assembly, reactivity and biological impact
Faller Peter
Towards dynamic covalent native chemical ligation (dcNCL) as a new tool for chemical biology
Giuseppone Nicolas
Conducting MOFs
Hosseini Wais
Hydrophobic interaction-driven recruitment and immobilization of fluorinated molecules across an interfacial phospholipid film using a fluorocarbon gas. Application to incorporation of a hypoxia marker into microbubbles
Krafft Marie-Pierre
Conception and Synthesis of “Easy-to-read” Digitally-Encoded Polymers for MS3 sequencing
Lutz Jean-François
Molecular confinement : a new tool for olefin hydroformylation ?
Matt Dominique
Photocatalytic Methods for Driving Dehydrative Reactions of Carboxylic Acids
Moran Joseph
Cavity-shaped P-ligands constructed on a cyclodextrin scaffold for the preparation of luminescent copper(I) complexes
Nierengarten Jean-François
Oligomerisation of Metallo-Proteins Induced by Cytotoxic Ruthenium Compounds, a Mechanistic Study.
Pfeffer Michel
Autocatalytic surface-localized self-assembly processes
Schaaf Pierre
Towards efficient supramolecular protecting groups for combinatorial chemical synthesis of protein libraries
Torbeev Vladimir
Addressable viologen cyclophanes for molecular charge storage
Weiss Jean


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