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Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy in the UV Visible to unravel the photophysics of the firefly bioluminescence  Stefan Haacke
Chemical mapping with atomic-scale resolution  Laurent Limot
From pillar[n]arenes to strained-alkyne containing macrocycles for copper-free click reactions.  Jean-François Nierengarten
Mechanistic investigation of the bacterial cis-trans isomerase of unsaturated fatty acids: a new source of inspiration for the development of innovative antibacterial strategies?  Myriam Seemann


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A Compact Mass Spectrometer for a Better/Optimal analysis and Reaction Monitoring  Colobert Françoise
Fluorocarbon conjugates: new concept to increase the metabolic stability of GPCR peptides.  Marcel Hibert
SampleXpress Lite  Luc Lebeau
Structural and functional studies of proteins and supramolecular assemblies by vibrational circular dichroism (VCD)  Vladimir Torbeev

Labex CSC

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Self-assembled backbone homologated beta and gamma peptide-based hydrogels in combination with carbon nanomaterials  Alberto Bianco
Supramolecular Architecture for unachievable distal aliphatic C-H activation  Françoise Colobert
Bio-inspired nano-reinforced LbL-composite materials  Gero Decher
Auxiliary catalysis: beta-arylation of alcohols by dual relay of cooperative transition-metal catalysts  Pawel Dydio
Modifying chemical reactivity through quantum entanglement Thomas Ebbesen
Mimics of the trimeric copper uptake domain of the Cu transporter Ctr1: Coordination chemistry and Cu-exchange with amyloid-beta Peter Faller
Supramolecular oscillations in a perylenediimide based self-assembling system. Thomas Hermans
Functional welded crystals Wais Hosseini
Asymmetric Labeling to probe Homodimer Interfaces by Cross-linking  Mass Spectrometry approaches Emmanuelle Leize-Wagner
Chemistry of skin vs respiratory allergens in Reconstructed Human Epidermis: a new approach to study proteic complex systems combining HRMAS NMR and proteomic mass spectrometry Jean-Pierre Lepoittevin
Directed Bronsted Acidity: Overriding Inherent Regiocontrol through Spatial Preorganization Joseph Moran
Study of sigma-hole interactions in solution: design synthesis and applications of new halogen and chalcogen bond donors Patrick Pale
Nanotubes of cyclic porphyrin dimers – tetramers or oligomers and inclusion of polyoxometalate(s) Laurent Ruhlmann
Complex AdaPtive self-assembled neTworks for ion and hUmidity sensing through optoelectronic REadout (CAPTURE) Paolo Samori

Emerging investigators - Labex CSC

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Nematic phases on the surface of lipid bilayers: a key for the understanding of the biological function of membrane peptides? Christophe Aisenbrey
Sequentially-ligated peptide blocks as DNA carriers in gene therapy  Delphine Chan-Seng
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