BASF and Strasbourg, a long-standing collaboration

Strasbourg and BASF research laboratories have always maintained close ties and there has been a BASF laboratory on the premises of the ISIS (Institute of Supramolecular Science and Engineering) since 2003.

The foundation was created in 2007 in response to the French government’s wish to cultivate Strasbourg’s excellence in French chemistry, and BASF felt it only natural that it should be involved. Having access to a flexible, dynamic organisation that supports high-level chemistry research and teaching, and encompasses both academic and private research, is a great opportunity for the campus and for businesses.

BASF has provided financial backing worth a total of €1.5m and plays an active role in running the foundation, making it a major partner for the University. The mutual trust between the two entities was underlined in 2017, when Thierry Herning, President of BASF France,  became a member of the University of Strasbourg’s Strategic Steering Committee, a group of people from outside the university who help it identify its priorities and make decisions.

The hallmarks of a successful collaboration

For BASF, the aim of these long-term partnerships is to facilitate contact with the academic research community and to take an active role in developing centres of excellence for French chemistry. Being on the campus has given BASF the chance to participate in prestigious European projects.

BASF’s presence at the ISIS also provides a wonderful opportunity for recruiting exceptional chemists.  As Professor Joseph Moran can attest, many academic researchers make the leap and are regularly hired by BASF.

Donor testimonials

“We are proud to build relationships with researchers every day thanks to the campus’s industrial laboratory, which facilitates the rapid emergence of the innovative solutions society needs. Our priority, related to our role as a ‘chemistry creator’, is to support education, promote science and chemistry, and develop sustainable innovations: that is why BASF is proud to partner with this creative, collaborative hub!”
Thierry Herning
President, BASF France
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