The collective intelligence

  • 1st university to unify its 3 universities into a united entity: breaking down the barriers between disciplines for a global and multidisciplinary approach
  • 1st capitalised university: €750m invested with €25m annual interest to build new laboratories, continue to innovate and educate students at the highest level
  • 1st agency in France to transform discoveries made in laboratories into industrial applications
  • 1st successful fundraising campaign in France in the university community



Excellence at the international level

  • 5 active Nobel Prize winners: 18 since its creation and 3 new ones in the last eight years

  • 1st French university in chemistry in the Shanghai 2019 ranking and the only one in the top 50

An innovative campus

  • 1st European university for its innovation impact (Nature Index Innovation 2017 ranking)
  • Strasbourg selected as a “Pilot Innovative Campus”:
    “Choosing Strasbourg to talk about innovation was a kind of evidence[…] at the cutting edge of science, where today’s impossible is preparing the future” Frédérique Vidal, French Minister for Advanced Education, Research and Innovation
  • 125,000 patents citing the university