Meet the most talented researchers in their fields


With input from your teams, we can use the best and most creative minds in their fields to unlock new areas of research, covering such key issues as renewable energy or the environment. Every day our teams work to create the materials of the future!

From tumours and cancers to infectious, genetic, autoimmune and orphan diseases, we have made bold strides towards finding cures for countless illnesses, thanks to the kind of global vision and approach, at both a molecular and immunology level, that only a multidisciplinary campus can provide. With support from AXA, Luisa de Cola is working at the intersection of chemistry, physics, biology and medicine to create alternatives to chemotherapy and help significantly improve the lives of scores of patients.

Supporting us gives you the chance to be one of the first to imagine what might come of a brilliant idea, and the technology transfer that comes from signing contracts, filing patents or launching start-ups will help you expand into major priority markets. Let’s work together to really capitalise on this input and bridge the gap between pure research and industrial application!

Thomas EBBESEN, Director, Kavli Prize in Nanoscience