“In 2007, creating the Chemistry Research Foundation was an important step in Strasbourg’s long tradition of excellence in chemistry. Louis Pasteur, along with Nobel Prize winners Emil Fisher, Jean-Marie Lehn, Martin Karplus and, more recently, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, are all renowned scientists who have their place in Strasbourg’s history.

The University of Strasbourg, in partnership with CNRS and INSERM, is a centre of excellence in molecular sciences and is one of the world’s top 20 universities in the field. In fact, the Nature Index 2017 Innovation ranks Strasbourg top of the list of European universities. A competitive spirit pervades this community of researchers from more than 50 different countries, teams that interact on a daily basis on ambitious subjects that encompass chemistry, biology and physics.

The foundation helps make the Strasbourg campus an asset for business development, thanks to universal brilliance that creates a dialogue between universities and key socio-economic players, and helps spark promising and often tailor-made collaborations.”


Thomas EBBESEN, Director, 2014 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience, 2019 CNRS Gold Medal