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2009 “Nicolò Copernico” Prize awarded to Paolo Samorì for his discoveries in the field of nanotechnology

June 2009

Paolo Samorì is the recipient 2009 of the prize “Nicolò Copernico” in nanosciences and nanotechnology. Each year, the “Nicolò Copernico” award is dedicated to researcher contributing to the nanotechnology’s field.

Paolo Samorì is director of the Nanochemistry Laboratory in the Institute of Science and Supramolecular Engineering (ISIS), mixed research unit of the University of Strasbourg and CNRS and also Professor at the University of Strasbourg.

This prize is awarded to Paolo Samori for his work since 2003 concerning the studies of photovoltaic activity of organic solar cells at nanometric scale and for the design of switches and molecular motors, based on photochrom molecular system, operative on surfaces.

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