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The ci-FRC of Strasbourg
A Center of Excellence in Chemistry

In 2007, the French Government selected Strasbourg as the Center of Excellence in Chemistry for the country. This “International Center for Frontier Research in Chemistry”, or FRC, involves 80 teams in different institutes in Strasbourg comprising about 250 scientists and faculty members, 250 PhD students and 250 post-docs and technical staff.

moleculeThe FRC builds on the long and outstanding tradition of chemistry in Strasbourg including scientists such as Louis Pasteur, Charles Gerhardt, Adolf von Baeyer, Emil Fischer, Hermann Staudinger and most recently Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel Prize 1987) et Martin Karplus (Nobel Prize 2013). Strasbourg has one of the very highest citation indexes in chemistry in Europe.

FRC is multi-disciplinary covering every aspect of chemistry together with its interfaces with physics, material science and biology. Its members have strong links with industry through collaborations and the creation of start-ups.

PhD students and post-docs come from all over the world to benefit from this expertise at the frontiers of chemistry. Half the PhD students are foreigners.

The founders of the FRC are the University of Strasbourg, the CNRS and two corporations: BASF (the world’s leading chemical company) and Bruker (advanced instrumentation).


www.unistra.fr http://www.cnrs.fr http://www.basf.fr http://www.bruker-biospin.com

Enhancing 2D self-assembly on graphene by chemical functionalization

Interesting developments that may open up to the rational design of functional materials.


A meeting to prepare for the future

On February 26th 2016, a meeting breakfast between donors and scholarship students took place at the Institute ISIS on the campus of the University of Strasbourg.


Welding Molecular Crystals : A "première"

The design and fabrication of complex crystalline systems as networks of crystals displaying task specific properties is a step towards new smart materials.